The Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference (SPPAC) in San Diego

The conference’s theme is “New Frontiers in Pediatric Psychology: From Innovation to Application.”

By Emily Fredericks and Anna Maria Patiño-Fernández
The 2015 Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference in San Diego is just a few months away. We have an exciting conference with three invited keynote speakers, eight workshops, 12 symposia (including two SIG-sponsored symposia), a featured student spotlight symposium and five poster sessions. The conference program will also include SIG meetings, presentation of Society of Pediatric Psychology awards, mentoring luncheon and other opportunities for socializing and networking. See more information regarding the 2015 SPPAC program and registration.
SPPAC 2015 Program Committee
Emily Fredericks, PhD, 2015 chair 
Anna Maria Patino-Fernandez, PhD, 2016 chair
Jennifer Schurman, PhD, MAL, National Conferences 
Lisa Schwartz, PhD 
Kristi Alexander, PhD 
Kevin Hommel, PhD 
Brandon Aylward, PhD 
Ann Davis, PhD 
Jackie Lennon, student representative 2015-2016 
Jennifer Lee, student representative 2013-2014 
Karen Roberts, SPP administrative officer 
Veronica Allen, APA event planner 
Lucia Gutierrez, APA event planner.