Training Subgroup of the Antiracism Workgroup

Subgroup Co-leaders: 

Sobha Fritz

Monique Germone

Claire Russell



The goal of the Training Subgroup is to bring together members of SPP who are passionate about centering anti-racism work in supervision and teaching. In addition to learning from one another about efforts at various institutions, we are identifying ways to support anti-racism in training for all pediatric psychologists.

Current Project:

We are currently working on adapting an anti-racism self-evaluation tool for use in supervision and teaching didactics. This tool was adapted from the New England Resource Center for Higher Education’s Self-Assessment Rubric for the Institutionalization of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Higher Education (2015). The purpose of this tool will be for individuals to assess how they integrate diversity, inclusion and equity into their supervision and/or didactic presentations. An individuals’ responses are categorized as “emerging,” “developing,” and “transforming” their processes to incorporate diversity, inclusion and. In addition to individual review, results from the tool can be brought to training committee meetings to discuss the state of diversity, inclusion and equity within the training committee and organization at large.

Get Involved!

Please email any of the subgroup leaders for information on joining the Training Subgroup. We meet once a month at 6:00 pm ET but vary the days in an effort to allow the most people to join.