Updates on Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology

Warm reception for the new journal and a call for diversity and training issues.

By W. Douglas Tynan, PhD, and Jennifer Shroff Pendley
Hopefully, everyone has received their first issue of Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology . The journal has generated quite a bit of excitement. Our manuscript office at APA reports “[We have] never ordered such a large number of copies of a new journal as [we] did initially for CPPP . Once we received the Society list, we had to print more. This is truly unprecedented, and reflects the esteem scholars feel for the Division and CPPP. ” In addition, the APA office reports that thus far, CPPP has received much more than usual positive feedback on their social media sites.
Thank you to all who showed interest and enthusiasm and came to our first CPPP editorial board meeting and open forum in New Orleans. Over 30 people attended, offering ideas and feedback for future issues. As discussed at the meeting, we will soon be communicating information about mentoring students on reviews. In addition, we have received numerous questions regarding the types of case studies and illustrations that would be appropriate for CPPP publication. Watch for an article in the next issue that addresses this topic. Also, please note the call for papers for our Special Issue on Evidence-based Interventions in Pediatric Psychology. We are excited by the opportunity to partner with the Journal of Pediatric Psychology (JPP) in delivering these companion special issues. Thank you to Bryan Carter for serving as guest editor.
As more and more manuscripts come in, we are still adding to our reviewer pool. If you are interested in reviewing for CPPP , email Jennifer or Doug. For those of you already registered as reviewers, we still need many of you to log in and specify your interests and expertise. This greatly helps us in assigning appropriate reviewers.
As we move forward, we are looking for submissions examining diversity and training issues in clinical settings. In addition, future issues will address clinical implications of health care reform and the growth of co-located, trans-disciplinary care models. We continue to encourage submissions examining innovative clinical programs and the application of evidence-based treatments in real-world settings. If you have questions about the appropriateness of a potential submission, we are happy to discuss it with you prior to submission.
And finally, if you are attending APA this year, please stop by the APA Publications and Databases booth on Friday, August 2 from 10-11 a.m. for a CPPP showcase. Also, JPP and CPPP plan to hold a joint editorial board business meeting on August 2 from 8-8:50 a.m. at the Hilton Hibiscus Suites I and II, 2 nd Floor Kalia Conference Center. Hope to see everyone there!