International Collaboration Award

Deadline: October 16
Sponsor: Division 54


The purpose of the International Collaboration Award is to facilitate Society of Pediatric Psychology (SPP) members to visit an international research or clinical program for a minimum of one week and up to one month, although longer stays are possible with a compelling rationale. The winner will engage in training and collaborative activities under the supervision of an identified mentor/host at the designated facility. There will be up to one awardee per academic year.

  1. For research, the goal(s) of the proposed visit should aim to either (1) develop or pursue a specific research project at the international hosting facility in the area of pediatric psychology or (2) engage in training to acquire a skill at the visiting laboratory that is of relevance for the applicant’s ongoing research projects and for which training is not available at the applicant’s current training institution.
  2. For clinical programs, the goal(s) of the proposed visit aims to observe and obtain vital information regarding clinical program implementation and infrastructure that can be transferred to the visitor’s home institution.

The research or clinical program development project should be feasible within the timeframe of the award. If the project cannot be completed within the time of travel, a plan for distance collaboration and further consultation should be well-articulated.

How to Apply
Past Recipients