Convention and Meeting Photo Gallery

Carolyn Schroeder and Wayne Adams
Carolyn Schroeder (with back to camera) monitoring Wayne Adams for the "Call-in/Come-in" service in the Chapel Hill Pediatrics clinic.
Donald Ottinger
Donald Ottinger (Purdue University) discussing training in pediatric psychology at a SPP Symposium at the 1985 Annual Convention of the APA.
Carolyn Schroeder, Michael Roberts and Sheila Eyberg
Carolyn Schroeder (recipient of SPP Distinguished Service Award), Michael Roberts (presenting SPP Presidential Address), and Sheila Eyberg (Past-President of SPP), Annual Convention of the APA, 1985
1990 SPP Board Meeting
SPP Board (1990). Left to right, Gerry Koocher, Michael Roberts, Debra Bendell, Dennis Harper, Larry Siegel, Terri Shelton, Mary Cerreto, Sheila Eyberg, Bill Rae, Jan Culbertson, Sue White
1986 SPP Board Meeting
Society of Pediatric Psychology Executive Committee Meeting February 1986, Miami, FL. L to R: Gerry Koocher, Ken Whitt, Elizabeth Robinson, Gene Walker, Debra Bendell, Brian Stabler, Don Routh, Dennis Harper, Michael Roberts, Annette La Greca, Sue White
1990 SPP Board Meeting
SPP Board Meeting (1990) left to right, Michael Roberts, Larry Siegel, Bill Rae, Gerry Koocher (seated), Terri Shelton, Annette La Greca, Debra Bendell