Significant Milestones in SPP (1967-2003)

2003 Rebecca Routh Coon Injury Reserch Award renamed Lizette Peterson Homer Injury Research Award
  • SPP becomes Division 54 of APA
  • Significant Research Award renamed Logan Wright Distinguished Research Award
  • First Levin Award for Mentorship Presented to Suzanne Bennett Johnson
1999 Petition to become Division Accepted by APA
1997 Rebecca Routh Coon Injury Research Award established.
1996 SPP Strategic Plan developed with three primary goals: improve interface with pediatricians; increase international profile; explore divisional status.
1995 Official Liaison to AAP established. Two year appointment entitled Chair, Task Force on the Pediatric Interface.
1993 Distinguished Service Award renamed Lee Salk Distinguished Service Award.
1992 Special Award made to Michael C. Roberts for scholarly contributions to Society of Pediatric Psychology as Editor, Journal of Pediatric Psychology.
1992 Student Research Grant renamed Routh Student Researcher Grant
1990 Research Scholar Grant renamed Student Research Grant.
1989 SPP celebrates its 21st Birthday with "Coming of Age" celebration in New Orleans (cruise on Mississippi River)
1988 First Florida Conference on Children's Health Psychology held in Gainesville, FL.
1988 Research Scholar Grant established, and first awards presented to Mary Ann Timmis and Laura Basili.
1987 First Regional Pediatric Psychology Conference held in Cleveland, OH.
1987 First Significant Research Contribution Award presented to John Spinetta.
1984 Office of Secretary-Treasurer was divided into 2 separate offices
1985 Special Award made to Gerald Koocher for scholarly contributions to Society of Pediatric Psychology as Editor, Journal of Pediatric Psychology.
1984 - 1985 Minor Bylaws revisions made
1984 Distinguished Contribution Award name changed to Distinguished Service Award by Sue White, Secretary, through "error" in Minutes. The name sticks.
1980 - 1981 Significant Bylaws revisions made
1980 Newsletter resumes publication, with Michael Roberts as Editor (Vol. 4)
1980 SPP officially becomes Section 5 of Division 12 of the American Psychological Association
1977 Special award made to Arthur Wiens for being a significant resource to SPP
1977 First SPP Student Research Award presented to Barry Galenko
1977 First SPP Distinguished Contribution Award presented to Lee Salk
1976 Journal of Pediatric Psychology first published, edited by Diane Willis
1969 - 1970 Bylaws of the Society of Pediatric Psychology first developed and approved
1969 First Newsletter published, edited by Gail Gardner. Newsletter published through 1975, and then resumed in 1980 after a 5 year hiatus
1969 Society of Pediatric Psychology established, with an affiliate relationship with the American Psychological Association through Division 12, Section 1
1968 First Executive Committee Meeting, San Francisco APA
1967 Committee on Pediatric Psychology established under Division 12, Section 1 (Clinical Child Psychology). Committee members: Logan Wright, Chair; Lee Salk and Dorothea Ross