SPP Celebrates 50 Years

50th anniversary logoBy Anne Kazak, Sharon Berry, and Karen Roberts

This year at SPPAC we will mark an important year for the Society of Pediatric Psychology — 50 years since we began in 1969! There will be a number of events and activities marking the anniversary in New Orleans. We have worked with the SPPAC Planning Committee and the SPP History Committee on the following:

  • SPP History Trivia Quiz 
    Inspired by the popular HQ “live game show.” The Quiz started on March 1 with questions being posted regularly on the SPP listserv since then. And more questions will be posted each day during SPPAC. Join now if you haven’t already! In order to play you will need to download a free App (iClicker). Christopher Cushing has posted details on the listserv. If you missed that, click here for complete details. There will be prizes for getting the answers right!
  • Photos Across SPP History 
    We have collected over 200 photographs related to SPP over time. These will shown on a slideshow that you will be able to view at SPPAC.
  • Mentoring and Six Degrees of Separation Redux 
    A survey with a brief questionnaire about mentors who have influenced you has already been emailed to all SPP members.  You will also be able to complete the survey at SPPAC if you have not already done so. This “six degrees of separation” network project will show relationships among members. We want to have as many members participate as we can to help show all the inter-relationships in our field. Jason Van Allen is coordinating this project!
  • Journal Symposium 
    There will be a symposium on the history of the Journal of Pediatric Psychology, with participation of most of the former (and current) editors. Come hear the Editors talk about how papers in JPP have changed over time and think with them about the future of JPP.
  • Social to Honor 50 Years 
    The Thursday evening social hour will feature a birthday cake, a toast from David Elkin, SPP President, and a chance to meet some of the early SPP pioneers who will be recognized.
  • Highlighting Years of Membership 
    We will use colored dots to represent the number of years that attendees have belonged to SPP. And, of course, there will be “swag” and other special festivities!

See you in New Orleans!