Student Spotlight

Nicole Jehl

Nicole Jehl is a post-baccalaureate Clinical Research Coordinator working with Laura Simons, Ph.D. in the Biobehavioral Pediatric Pain Lab at Stanford School of Medicine. There, she works on trials advancing pediatric chronic pain treatment through technological innovation. She also independently leads a retrospective chart review study examining the co-occurrence of disordered eating and chronic pain. She will present initial data at SPPAC 2024 and will be completing a first-author manuscript on this work. Nicole is passionate about pediatric psychology research, integrated healthcare, and patient-partnered co-design. Nicole plans to apply to Clinical Psychology doctoral programs to begin studies in the fall of 2025. As a doctoral student, she intends to specialize in pediatric psychology.

Nicole is recognized for her exceptional promise as a future leader in pediatric psychology, and for her demonstrated dedication and contributions to the Society of Pediatric Psychology.



Harry Powers


Harry Powers is a fourth-year undergraduate Neuroscience and Psychology student at Transylvania University. He is also an undergraduate research assistant at the University of  Cincinnati under the mentorship of Cathy Stough, Ph.D. Harry’s areas of research interest include body dissatisfaction, perceived body attractiveness, and disordered eating and comorbid psychopathology among adolescent and young adult sexual and gender minority populations. Harry plans to pursue graduate training in clinical psychology to continue working in these areas of interest.

Harry is recognized as an outstanding student who has made contributions to the field of pediatric psychology through research, clinical work, and service.