“Bravemakers,” the social justice affinity group is co-lead by Drs. Elizabeth Getzoff and Amy Beck. All who have interest in advocacy, becoming brave, and creating change at the institutional level, as well as beyond, are welcome to this informal group. The goal of the monthly meetings, held the second Wednesdays of the month at 6 PM Eastern, is to grow champions by sharing successes, group consultation for conundrums, and general support for sustainability.

Further, a great way to grow legislative advocacy skills is to join in APA’s Advocacy Summits. These 2-day virtual summits, held on a Sunday and Monday, started during the pandemic, and have thus far occurred 3 times each year. Each summit has a focus area, such as psychological science, education, or practice/equity. Sunday is a day of excellent advocacy training by APA, which includes learning about the legislative asks, and Monday is the legislative visits with other your state constituents. It’s fun and a highly recommended experience! To learn more, check out APA Advocacy online, and sign up for the weekly Washington Update: APA Advocacy: Washington Update