Journal Updates – February 2022

Updates from the Journal of Pediatric Psychology

Editor-in-Chief Tonya Palermo, Ph.D. and Editor-Elect Avani Modi, Ph.D.

February 2022

We hope everyone is staying safe and warm during this ongoing pandemic and blustery winter throughout the US. We are entering a busy 2022 with the transition of the journal to online only, kicking off new initiatives, and making editorial team transitions.

Research Data Policy Statement

In 2022, Oxford University Press and thereby JPP began enforcing high standards of rigor in the materials we accept for publication. All new submissions will be required to have a research data policy statement (i.e., to indicate availability of their data) in line with the Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) guidelines. Please see the link for more information:

JPP Editor Team Transitions

We are making a smooth transition this year from Dr. Tonya Palermo and her wonderful team of Associate Editors, including Drs. Dean Beebe, Melissa Alderfer, David Janicke, Avani Modi, Chad Jensen, Yelena Wu, and Marisa Hilliard to the new editorial team. Thank you for all you have done for the journal these past few years.

We welcome Dr. Avani Modi as the Editor Elect and her new (and some old) team of Associate Editors, including Drs. Marisa Hilliard, Chad Jensen, Kristin Long, Cecelia Valrie, Katie Devine, Kurt Freeman, and Emily Law The new team is managing all new submissions to the journal while the former team completes work on revision submissions from 2021.

Special Issues

We have two special sections/issues coming up this year. The first is focused on Innovative Research in Pediatric Headache being managed by guest editors Drs. Emily Law and Mark Connelly.  The second issue is focused on Extending PROMIS to Early Childhood:  An ECHO initiative to fill developmental assessment gaps in pediatric psychology, with co-editors David Cella, Courtney Blackwell and Laurie Wakschlag, and has been managed by Dr. Melissa Alderfer, Associate Editor.

JPP Student Journal Club

Our JPP Student Journal Club has been going strong this past year, with several wonderful new commentaries and webinar sessions. We will have another open call for applications from undergraduate or doctoral trainees interested in being considered for the JPP Student Journal Club this summer so stay tuned. Learn more at

Spring Editorial Board Meeting

We will be scheduling a remote editorial board meeting in April. Stay tuned for details on the date and agenda.