Student Spotlight – February 2022

The Student Advisory Board is excited to offer a Student Mentorship Event at SPPAC 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday, April 8 from 11:30-12:30 (MST)! This event aims to be an opportunity for all SPP students and trainees to meet and network with leaders in the field of pediatric psychology. If you are a student member interested in attending the mentorship event, please register here.

Following close of registration, we will match participating mentors with mentees using the information provided in the survey. All registered students will be matched with a mentor and efforts will be made to group students at similar training stages. Attendees should receive their mentor match via email by Monday, April 4th.

You can contact the SAB SPPAC Mentorship Event Chair, Clarissa Shields, or the Student Representative, Sahar Eshtehardi, with any questions.