Diversity & Poster Awards

Manuela Sinisterra with Idia Thurston

Manuela Sinisterra (right) with Idia Thurston, SPP Member at Large for Student/Trainee Development

2019 Diverse Scholar Award

Winner: Manuela Sinisterra, Children's National
Honorable Mention: Alex Blair, Oklahoma State

Thanks to reviewers: Thomaseo Burton, Ph.D., Angelica Eddington, Ph.D., Tamora Callands, Ph.D., and Syidah Abdullah, Ed.D.


2019 Diversity Poster Winners

Jessy Guler

Jessy Guler

Guler, J., Kichline, T., Hambrick, E., & Vernberg, E. (2019). Service provider’s perspectives of physical health problems among resettled refugee families in the United States: A qualitative study.

Jenna Rudo-Stern

Jenna Rudo-Stern (at right)

Rudo-Stern, J., Mancini, K., Ghosh, S., Gaultney, W., Davis, A., & Stancin, T. (2019). Transitioning from colocated to integrated care in a youth gender clinic.

Clarissa Shields

Clarissa Shields

Shields, C., West, C., Ruzicka, E., Gunstad, J., & Sato, A. (2019). The association between dietary restraint and zBMI is moderated by inhibitory control among adolescents from low-income backgrounds.

Hannah Espeleta

Hannah Espeleta

Espeleta, H., Gamwell, K., Perez, M., Reyes, K., Mullins, L, & Wolfe-Christensen, C. (2019). Examining caregivers’ perspectives: Disclosing a child’s diagnosis of a disorder of sex development.

Megan Perez

Megan Perez

Perez, M., Baudino, M., Roberts, C., Delozier, A., Wisniewski, A, Mullins, L., & The DSD Consortium. (2019). Psychosocial functioning of parents of young children with atypical genital development due to disorders of sex development: An assessment of predictors of distress.

Annette Cantu

Annette Cantu

Cantu, A., Connelly, K., Moyer, D., & Holley, A. (2019). Examining changes in PHQ-9 and GAD-7 scores in transgender and gender nonconforming youth receiving care in a pediatric endocrinology clinic.


Thank you to reviewers:  Thomaseo Burton, Ph.D., Angelica Eddington, Ph.D., Kezia Shirkey, Ph.D., and Billy Holcolmbe, Ph.D.

SPPAC 2019 Student Poster Award Winners

Rachel Fisher – Postbac, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Parental Depressive Symptoms in Early NICU Admission: Identifying Family and Sibling Risk Factors

Kaitlyn Brodar – Graduate Student, University of Miami

Can’t get you out of my head: Repetitive negative thinking mediates the relationship between peer victimization and sleep loss

Diana Ohanian – Graduate Student, Loyola University Chicago

Depression, neuropsychological functioning, and academic performance in youth with spina bifida

Ann Lantagne – Intern, Boston Children’s Hospital

A Dyadic Perspective on Adolescent and Parent Adjustment & Family Functioning Following Traumatic Brain Injury

Kelly Rea – Graduate Student, University of Georgia

Disagreement in Healthcare Responsibility Among Adolescent and Young Adult Solid Organ Transplant Recipients and Caregivers

Jenna Shapiro – Intern, Loyola University / Rush University Medical Center

Resilience process profiles among teens with type 1 diabetes and longitudinal associations with psychological, behavioral, and health outcomes over three years

Colleen Driscoll – Graduate Student, Loyola University Chicago

The longitudinal impact of parent adjustment on youth medical self-management: The mediating role of parental perception of child vulnerability in the families of youth with spina bifida

Andrea Fidler – Graduate Student, University of Florida

Management of Exacerbations by Adolescents with Poorly-Controlled Asthma and their Caregivers: A Qualitative Approach

Stefanie Poehacker – Graduate Student, Eastern Michigan University

Exploratory Factor Analysis and Validation of a Food-Allergy-Specific Measure of Parent Anxiety

Julia Benjamin – Postdoctoral Fellow, Mayo Clinic

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and Eating Concerns: Clarifying the Overlap