To highlight the importance of diversity in pediatric psychology research and clinical care, the Society of Pediatric Psychology (Division 54) has established a $5,000 research grant available to members of the Society who are predoctoral students or postdoctoral fellows. Funds are available to conduct pediatric psychology research that integrates diversity-related variables, such as culture, race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, language differences, socioeconomic status, and/or religiosity. Other aspects of diversity may be considered. Applicants will need to provide sufficient rationale for those areas in the cover letter to their submission. Examples of possible topic areas include, but are not limited to, health disparities, stigma, and culturally relevant assessment and intervention.



Applicants must be predoctoral students or postdoctoral fellows who are members of the Society. Funding is available up to $5000. Up to $500 of the award can be allocated in the budget to support conference travel. Funds are not provided for indirect costs to the institution, investigator stipends, or costs associated with manuscript preparation. As in previous years, one winner will be selected. However, a second place award of up to $1,000 may be provided to the runner-up to support their proposed study. Funds will not be released to an awardee until documentation verifying institutional approval to conduct the study is received (e.g., IRB approval letter). The grant recipient is required to provide a project summary, including a financial report, upon completion of the project year.


How to Apply

The 4-page proposal and specified supplemental materials should be submitted electronically in one file and include:


The 4-page proposal including:

  1. A brief cover letter containing the following information:
  • Principal Investigator. The letter should clearly identify the PI on the project and current rank. For multiple investigator projects, the letter should state who should receive the grant. A faculty research mentor should be listed in the cover letter.
  • Membership status. Applicants must indicate that they are a current member of SPP, or are submitting their application for membership with their submission.
  • Contributions to diversity. The cover letter must clearly document how the submitted research project adds to the understanding of an aspect of diversity in pediatric psychology.
  • Plans to disseminate the information. The cover letter should explain how the applicant would present and/or publish the findings from the proposed research. For example, disseminating through the SPP newsletter, submission to JPP or CPPP, presentation at SPPAC, dissemination to a particular community of interest, etc.
  • Contact information. The applicant must provide an email address and phone number through which they can be contacted.
  1. A brief (2,000 word maximum) description of the project, which includes background and purpose of the study, proposed methodology including analyses, predictions, time-line, and implications of the research (reference section not part of 4-page limit). Please also discuss how limitations posed by the Covid-19 pandemic will be addressed in this particular study.
  2. A detailed budget describing how funds will be used including supplies, participant remuneration, and conference travel. Funds are not provided for indirect costs of the applicant’s institution, stipends of principal investigators, or costs associated with manuscript preparation. If proposed studies have or will seek other funding sources, these should be clearly described here (not part of 4-page limit).
  3. A plan for how the PI will carve out the research time to carry out the proposed study. This may be included in the letter of support from the faculty mentor (see below).

Supplemental Materials:

  1. The applicant’s current curriculum vitae (not part of 4-page limit).
  2. The faculty research mentor must provide a curriculum vitae and letter of support for the applicant and proposed study (not part of 4-page limit).

*Note: Applications should not include any other materials or appendices.

Applications are due by 17:00 CST on November 1, 2022, and should be submitted (in one file, .docx or pdf format) to: