By Christina Sharkey, M.S.

A well-known problem in our field is the 17-year gap between research and implementation. Although the ultimate goal is to bring the knowledge facilitated by cutting-edge research into clinical practice, dissemination of innovative and important investigations among pediatric psychology professionals is essential for the rapid advancement of the field. To help address this gap, the Division 54 Student Advisory Board is sponsoring a new initiative, a pediatric psychology podcast. This up-and-coming podcast will aim to use technology as an innovative approach to promoting research and encouraging learning from the most contemporary findings in the field, by providing a free and accessible format with easily digestible content.

The pediatric psychology podcast will aim to disseminate recent research findings in pediatric psychology by featuring the abstracts of articles published in each month’s issue of the Journal of Pediatric Psychology. Brief interviews with contributing authors, guest editors, experts on a featured topic, or even Special Interest Group leaders, will also accompany the abstracts in order to provide greater insight and discuss clinical implications. Student Advisory Board members and other trainees will be working together to develop the podcast content and promote the release of monthly episodes. Look for more news about the pediatric psychology podcast on Twitter or the Division 54 website.

Call for Student Leaders

The SPP Student Advisory Board (SAB) is accepting applications for five SAB member positions. SAB members hold two-year terms, from January 2020 through December 2021, with transition to the position beginning August 2019. The five open positions are the following: 2 on the Website/Student Spotlight Committee, 2 on the Membership Committee, and 1 on the Programming Committee. 

Applicants must be Division 54 student members and enrolled in an APA-accredited graduate program in professional psychology with specific interests in pediatric psychology. Applicants must not be eligible for graduation from their program until after their term is complete in December 2021. Preference is given to students who are active in pediatric psychology through research and clinical activities, have leadership experience, and who are at least in their second year of graduate study. Please note that we will aim to choose only one student from a given institution for each of the open positions.

To apply, email the following to SPP Student Representative, Carolina Bejarano, at

1) Contact information

2) CV

3) Letter of recommendation from your primary mentor

4) A short statement indicating your interest in serving as a SAB member and preference as to how you would serve on the SAB (i.e., Membership Committee, Student Spotlight/Website Committee, Programming Committee), including highlights of how you would contribute. 

The deadline to apply is 11:59 pm on Friday, June 14, 2019. 

Thank you, and we look forward to reviewing your applications!