Plan to Attend SPP Programming at APA in Chicago

By Jason Van Allen, Ph.D. and Kimberly Canter, Ph.D.

The 2019 APA Annual Convention will take place August 8-11 in Chicago. The theme for this year’s Division 54 programming is “Pediatric Psychology: Recognizing the Scope and Impact of our Work.”  See the schedule for SPP-related events below.

Registration is now open! Advance pricing is available until June 30.



8-8:50am Symposium: When Eating Is a Pain---The Under-Recognized Problem of Eating Disturbance in Pediatric Chronic Pain McCormick Place

Room W176c

9-9:50am Symposium: Assessing Youth Prior to Medical Procedures---Examples From Bariatric, Transplant, and Gender Clinics McCormick Place

Room W176c

10-11:50am Symposium: Developments in the Children's Health and Illness Recovery Program (CHIRP) McCormick Place

Room W176b

12-1:50pm Symposium: Psychosocial Functioning Among Transgender Children and Adolescents McCormick Place

Room W186b

2-3:50pm Symposium: Screening Families for Psychosocial Risk---Recent Advances in the Psychosocial Assessment Tool (PAT) McCormick Place

Room W474b

4-6:50pm Division 54 Board of Directors Meeting Marriott Marquis Chicago Hotel Anthropology Room




8-8:50am Symposium: Legally Closing Health Care Disparity Gaps---Pediatric Psychology's Role in Medical/Legal Partnerships McCormick Place Room W179b
9-10:50am Skill-Building Session: Evidence-Based Assessment---Clinical Outcomes Monitoring and Application to Primary Care Screening McCormick Place Room W175b
11-11:50am Symposium: Finding a Seat at the Table---A Call for the Essential Role of School Psychologists in Health Settings McCormick Place Room W181a
12-12:50pm Symposium: Addressing Methodological Challenges in Self-Management Research with Adolescents and Young Adults McCormick Place Room W193b
4-5:50pm Social Hour Hyatt Regency McCormick Place Hotel Regency Ballroom E



8-8:50am Symposium: Interprofessional Collaboration to Support Psychotropic Medication Prescribing in Primary Care McCormick Place Room W185d
9 -9:50am Symposium: Pediatric Pain, Parenting, and Everyday Interactions---Innovative Approaches for Supporting Families McCormick Place Room W193a
10-10:50am Poster Session I McCormick Place

Hall F

11-11:50am Poster Session II McCormick Place

Hall F

12-12:50pm Conversation Hour: The Development of an Educational Advocacy Program Within a Medical Pediatric Psychology Service McCormick Place Room W186a
4-5:50pm Symposium: Navigating Interprofessional Collaborations and Conversations McCormick Place Room W176a



8-9:50am Symposium (A): Ethical Issues in the Clinical Practice of Pediatric Psychology McCormick Place Room W181c
10-11:50am Symposium (A): Developing Programmatic Initiatives to Improve Pediatric Hospital Consultation/Liaison Services McCormick Place Room W175c



Division 54 substantive programming
Co-listed programming with other APA Divisions
Division 54-non-substantive programming