By Kimberly Canter, Ph.D. & Jason Boye, Ph.D.

The 2020 APA Annual Convention will take place August 6–9 in Washington, D.C. The 2020 theme for Division 54 Programming is “Pediatric Psychology: Expanding our Impact and Reaching Towards the Future.”  We are especially interested in proposals that address the following:

  1. Innovative approaches to providing culturally sensitive care to diverse and/or underserved populations, including research and clinical efforts aimed at addressing health equity, healthcare disparities, and training a diverse workforce. We are also interested in programming that highlights systems-level issues impacting the health of diverse and/or underserved populations, including but not limited to racism, implicit bias, and immigration policies.
  1. New models of service delivery, including the use of innovative technology to improve care and health outcomes for children and families.  We are also interested in new approaches to service delivery that focus on preventative care and wellness in a changing healthcare landscape (e.g., value-based care).
  1. Using our skills and training as pediatric psychologists to serve as advocates for our patients and families. This includes proposals focused on skill-building and experiential learning, as well as proposals that align with the 2020 Deep Poverty presidential initiative.

We encourage members of Division 54 to consider submitting collaborative programming proposals, which are due on October 11, 2019.  A collaborative session must involve a minimum of two divisions (up to seven) and involve more than one core area of psychology (i.e., science, practice, education, public interest).  More information is available here.  Please contact us at Kimberly.Canter@nemours.org or Jason.Boye@nemours.org with any questions or ideas regarding this particular program format.

Division programming is due on December 2, 2019. We will be accepting proposal for symposia, skill-building sessions, conversation hours, research “blitzes,” and poster sessions. More information will be shared through the listserv as the deadline approaches.   

Additional information regarding proposals and submission is available thru the APA convention website.

We look forward to a great convention!