Starting in 2020, access to both the Journal of Pediatric Psychology and Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology will default to Electronic Access Only. All members automatically have full access to all current and past issues through the SPP website. And many of you have access through your home institution. However, to receive the print issues in the mail, you must opt in. To opt in, if you have not already done so, please click the link below to complete a request form:

While we are happy to fulfill your request, we kindly ask that you consider the instantly accessible, environmentally friendly, digital version of these journals. Please remember that you are already granted this electronic access, which is available the moment an issue goes live.

As a prompt for each journal, an announcement will be posted on the Division 54 listserv that lists the table of contents.

As a reminder, this is only available to current members.  Please contact Karen Roberts with any questions.