American Board of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology Update

Making the Case for Board Certification and Overcoming Barriers

ABCCAP Updates from Dr. Adam Lewin

Please join me in congratulating your colleagues who completed boarding May-Sept 2023:

Sarah Sobalvarro
Lillie Grimes
Marissa Feldman
Christina Russell
Jennifer Steber
Kerry Prout
Kaitlin Proctor
Cheryl Andaya
Haley Stephens

Board certification is our way to elevate and own pediatric and clinical child psychology – we elect to peer review from our colleagues.  Board certification is an important distinction and should be source of accomplishment.  However, candidates are not being reviewed as “distinguished fellows” or for “career achievement.”  Rather, board certification provides recognition that our practice is consistent with core competencies expected 3-5 years into practice.  Examiners are your peers – clinicians in group practices, hospital psychologists, and educators.  This year, we launched our National Examiner Board, a group of experienced exam chairs who agreed to multiple examinations (akin to a journal’s editorial board).  Please join me in expressing my appreciation to our National Examiner Board members:

Heather Agazzi
Teri Bourdeau
E. Thomaseo Burton
Rachel Busman
Alexis Clyde
Melissa Faith
David Heckler
Daniel Hilliker
Jonathan Perle
Susan White

In 2023, ABCCAP has had more CE programs, informational meetings and ‘office hours’ to assist with preparing for boarding.  Our aim is to help our peers and colleagues submit successful portfolios and prepare for examination in a reflective process that leads to successful boarding.  Board certification isn’t just a “destination” – it’s a journey with opportunities for reflection and growth.  Regardless of career stage, discussing our work with peers is highly formative and validating.  Please visit our site at for more information.

Adam B. Lewin, Ph.D., ABPP
President, American Board of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
APA Fellow
Professor and Division Chief, Pediatric Neuropsychiatry
Interim Maurice and Thelma Rothman Chair of Developmental Pediatrics
University of South Florida College of Medicine