Become a Division 54 Fellow


Members of the Society of Pediatric Psychology are encouraged to consider becoming a candidate for Fellow of Division 54 American Psychological Association. Fellow status reflects recognition by colleagues and APA of extraordinary contributions to our discipline. A list of current Fellows may be found here.

Criteria for recognition as a Fellow include having a national impact on psychology, sustained contributions to pediatric psychology for more than five years, distinctive contributions to pediatric psychology that are recognized by others as excellent, and contributions whose impact extends beyond the setting in which the candidate works. Areas of demonstrable unusual and outstanding contributions need to be delineated in measurable detail and include research, teaching, administration, professional service, and practice. You must be an APA Member to apply. For more information see the APA Fellowship website and the Division 54 Fellowship website (which includes a link to a very helpful video describing what the APA means by unusual and outstanding). The deadline for submission of all Initial Fellow materials for the next cycle is December 1, 2023.

The Division 54 Fellowship Committee is delighted to offer two types of meetings with members of the committee for Division 54 APA members considering applying for fellowship:

  1. Office hours: Division 54 Fellowship Committee members Dr. Ed Christophersen, Anthony Alioto, Terri Stancin, and Ann Davis will be hosting office hours for you to “drop in” and ask any questions or discuss how to develop your strongest application. We plan to hold the next office hours on November 7th at 9:00am CST. Please contact us for the zoom link if you want to drop by.
  2. Individual consultation meetings: If you would like to have an individual consultation meeting with Division 54 Fellowship Committee member Dr. Kathy Zebracki, please email her at to set up a time.

Members interested in applying for Fellow status through Division 54 should use the APA Fellows Online platform:

For more information, please contact

Thank you!

Drs. Ed Christophersen, Anthony Alioto, Terri Stancin, Ann Davis and Kathy Zebracki

Division 54 Fellowship Committee